Sunday, February 7, 2010

How is the drug law in Saudi Arabia ?

Saudi Arabia has one of the most liberal drug laws in the world. Considering drug addicts as patients needing medical attention, the law provides ample oppotunities for them to take treatment and avoid punishment. At the same time, drug smugglers and dealers are given sever penalty including the death sentence. Here is a summary of how the law deals the drug related offenses.

Narcotics smuggler: The severest punishment, for those who are involved in smuggling narcotics and brining narcotics in the kingdom is death.

Dealer: for the first time offernder, punishment is imprisonment, lashing or financial fine or all. For the repeat offenders, punishment is increased and the involved person may be sentenced to death.

Narcotics User: Narcotics user is jailed for two years and punished according to the judg's decision. A narcotics user who enrolls in the treatment is not questioned, but admitted into a specialized hospital. Saudi law treats narcotics addicts as patients who need treatment.

Special Treatment for students: The law excludes students from punishment and limited to disciplining and monitoring them. To benefit from this exclusion from punishment, the student must meet certain condition including:

  • Full time student under 20 years of age.

  • not involved in dealing and smuggling and other crime.

  • not involved in serious road traffic accidents.

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