Wednesday, February 3, 2010


1)When driving his car home in Georgetown, Ryan called and talked with his wife through his mobile phone without the use of hands-free device. While talking, he lost control over his car and eventually hit a walking pedestrian.
a)Is Ryan liable under civil or criminal law?
b)Should this case go to court, what will be Ryan’s right?
c)What should the pedestrian do to recover his injuries/loss?

a)criminal law
b)it should go to court and Ryan has the right to have a lawyer
c)he should take the matter to the police

2)•Geena runs an unregistered online investment portal from her home in KL where she managed to get people deposit money to her account.

•It was discovered that the investment was a scam and she attempted to flee with the money, only to be arrested in the airport by immigration officers because she held a fake passport.

a)Determine Geena’s liability: civil or criminal?
b)What law(s) and statutes you think Geena has violated?

a)criminal law

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