Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adil sayeed Roadshow

Do you remember Adil sayeed, the indian muslim teenage boy with a rich father, sleeping with two chinese girls, Alyssa and Jane lo ? You can find the scandal from limkwokWeng university in the internet.

The unrepentant Adil is at again. Now that no girls dare to be with him and get herself into instant internet stardom, Adil now resort to self exposure to satisfy his publicity need. Now he is spending more time open areas, roadsidw and construction sites. The gadgwts are there, but he gotta do it himself.

well, no wonder if he is actually flirting with the laws. i mean Syaiah Law, of course. If a muslim women can be caned for just boozing, what did the Syariah law got for a guy masturbating in the middle of the road with the latest gadget not found during the days of the founding of islam

1 comment:

  1. Islam does not allows masturbution even in bathroom and/or when alone in private. And a man, by Shariat law must cover himself AT LEAST from navel to knees. Islam does not even allowes sex outside marriage and both man and woman involved should be punished.